Luxury Condo Miami Beach available for Fractional Ownership
$250,000 for 25% plus 25% of HOA and management fees.
Please call for details on this and other worldwide properties available. 

% Yacht Share Program

Best Way to own a Boat/Yacht

% Yacht Share Program, for 25% 30% or 50% whatever your leisure time will allow you can be part owner of a Luxury Yacht/Boat

SO for $1,000,000 you can enjoy a $4,000,000 Yacht Strategically Located and Captain Maintained, Ready 24/7 for your pleasure

Down Side

Just like any Boat or Luxury Item there is always the upkeep, The costs are equally divided between the partners and professionally managed, and subsidized by Charter Income Your partners will have the option to make the vessel available for Limited Charter through our Charter Club a select of qualified Charter Customers.

Depreciation  can also be offset by Real estate Asset typically a Luxury Condo  that is Shared by Select Members and can be offered for Vacation Packages which may include Yacht/Boat Use offered to our preferred member group.

Luxury Condo will be Managed by : Diana Rios  954 756 3711

Please call for availability and details … 

Want to hear More?  Please Call or E mail with any Questions Our Yacht Expert and Real-Estate Manager will be happy to assist  

Shares Currently Available in NYC & Miami
Boats for Sale
108' - Custom - 2024 - Bahamas
  • Cabin Count 5
  • Motor Yachts
  • Call for pricing
  • Cabins 5
  • $375,000 Per Fractional Share
Call for pricing
Boats for Sale
66' - Aicon - 2024 - 3 SR - Miami, Florida, United States3 SR
2024 3 SR
  • Model 1200
  • Engine Qty 2
  • Cabin Count 3
  • Sleep Count 6
  • Motor Yachts
  • Call for pricing
  • Cabins 3 Sleeps 6
  • Please Call
  • 2 MAN 1200
Call for pricing