Luxury Asset Partnership

Hello, we are a Yacht Brokerage who also offers New and Used Yachts for a “Luxury Asset Partnership”. We currently have several Yachts in the program and availability of new ones in Construction. Would you be interested in offering your Yachts for this program?

If you hear of anyone wanting to sell a Yacht but would really like to keep a few week shares or 10% 50% 80% this can Work for them. an owner can raise capital by selling a few shares or up to 90% Ownership and Maintenance, Crew and Dockage Obligations.

Many Boats and Yachts are being offered with a drastic price reductions, and still no buyers! It is much easier to sell 10% of a Yacht than 100% of a Yacht as the people with the money simply do not have the time or ambition to own and maintain/manage a Yacht.

People today want time share and vacations not a burden.

The shares you buy can also be chartered out if you chose not to use them so we feel this will be the smart way to own a Yacht and enjoy the lifestyle without the burden.

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Altima 60 Shares Available In March!